Coming Soon !! – Astro Boy Wind-Up Tin Toy

2009 Astroboy A1 _350x600

GOOD NEWS! We are happy to announce to every Astro Boy Fans that we are lucky to get the Astro Boy license this year and produce the Astro Boy (Movie version Tin Toy. It should be out by November and hope the Astro Boy Fans will like it. The price is not fixed yet but is affordable, so not to worry. In Singapore, this toy will be on sale at TANG’S STUDIO (VIVO CITY only) and Museum of Shanghai Toys, Singapore. For other countries and cities like Europe, Australia, USA, Hong Kong, Japan..etc, we are still under discussing and will inform soon.

Atom Tin Walker B1_351x600

According to this new Astro Boy movie, we create 2 versions for this toy. One with jacket and one without jacket. Do let us know which version you like. πŸ™‚

Atom Tin Walker B2_314x600


Tin Toy Club / 3-6 July 2009

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After one year’s preparation, the first TIN TOY CLUB ( was set up in Shanghai in July. In order to let more young generation knowing our club, we co-operated with the organiser of CHINA FANTASY 2009 ( A Comic and Game Convention ) to set up a small booth there from 3-6 July this year.

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P6250071 640X480

The China Fantasy 2009 attracted over 20,000 visitors every day.

P6250072 640X480

P6240055 640X480

Out staff are trying very hard to promote our products.

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P6250059 640X480

P6250066 640X480

New products are on their way…

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TIN TOY CLUB is a tin toy collectors’ club which orgainised by MARXU INTERNATIONAL LTD. It’s not only promoting new tin toy products, but also pushing the art of tin toy to more young generations in China.

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P6250080 640X480

After a friendly recommendation by our staff, this guy is buying 6 pieces of tin toys.

P6250086 640X480

P6250099 640X480

P6260111 640X480

P6260116 640X480

Hello, girl, u know what’s inside? πŸ™‚

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Hi, would you like to join as a tin toy club member? We now have promotion…

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P6270146 640X480,

Toy Exhibition at Shanghai / Nov 2008 – Day 6 Toy Designers Gathering


Mr Wang, the toy engineer who worked in Shanghai No.2 Toy factory in the past and now is our staff who help us to make prototype. It’s his first time to see some of his works after 30 over years and the exhibition recall back some of his memories.



Mr Zheng and Mr Wang are colleaques when they both worked in Shanghai No.2 Factory. Mr Zheng is specialised in large battery operated tin toy, rather than small wind-up tin toy.


School Excursion: TAMASEK PRIMARY SCHOOL / 27-5-08

School Excursion: TRUEWAY KINDERGARTEN / 21-05-08

School Excursion: Clementi Town Secondary School / 16,20-22 May 20008

My China Toy Trip / 5 April to 20 April 2008

This is another fruitful trip for me this year as I am exploring more china toy stories in other cities of China beside Shanghai. The 1st station is a little town which took me 2 hours travel from Beijing. In this little town, there’s a small tin toy factory produce many tin toys which formerly manufactured by Beijing No.1 Toy Factory. After the Beijing No.1 Toy factory closed down few years ago, this little factory bought over their mouldings and continue the China Tin Toy Dream. πŸ™‚

This is the environment around the factory.

These are the Beijing tin toys.

Factory workers are assembling the wind-up dinosaur tin toy.

Before assembling, this is how Jumping Frog looks like. (FUN) πŸ™‚

This is Monkey Riding Tricycle tin toy…

This is the room to store the mouldings.

This is the mouldings of wind-up Penguin Tin Toy.

And this is the mouldings of Rolling Tin Toy Cat.

After visiting the tin toy factory, i went to visit a famous Tangram Collector, Wei and her husband. I have been knowing them for many years but this is my first time to visit their home in Beijing.

Part of their collections.

We went for dinner after our gathering, Wei and her husband, Peter brought me to this interesting restaurant. Delicious!

Peter enjoyed the food too… πŸ™‚

After dinner with Peter and Wei, I visited Zhang Yang and his sweet wife. Zhang Yang is a famous China Tin Toy collector in Beijing and this is my 1st time to meet him.

I gave my book to Zhang Yang as a gift and he liked a lot. πŸ™‚

I wake up early in the next day and walk around the hotel i stayed. Quiet a beautiful environment…

Next stop is visiting a “tiny” wooden toy factory (Fun again) πŸ™‚

This shows how the worker paints the children wooden pen. πŸ™‚

Two cute little girls manufactured by factory owner… ha! πŸ™‚

A wooden toy town.

Dennis, Daisy (my partner who ho;ld the camera) and I went to visit this famous wooden toy town which locate at Yun He. (Dennis is an Australian toy wholesaler and retailer)

Wooden factories everywhere in town…. wow!

Wooden toy production house.

This is the wooden toy factory where we visit, quiet big to me, but in fact it’s not that big when compared with a real huge wooden toy factory at Yun He.

Dennis is demonstrating…

Different wood will be used for different wooden toy, but sometimes not based on different toy’s needs, it also based on customers’ budget and requirement.

That’s how the original wood look like before becoming a beautiful wooden toy. (Isn’t it beautiful?)

This is the production department at level 3 of the factory where all the workers assemble the wooden toy house.

This is their sample room where show their sample toys to their potential customers.

After visiting the toy factory, the owner invites us to try a countryside chicken for dinner where takes us about 15 mins travel from his factory.

This is where the small restaurant is. Outside has many countryside dogs and as I like dogs, so would like to say a hello to them but no response…. 😦 They look so cool….. wow!

Here is the food, countryside chicken pot…the soap ok, but the chicken meat…is too hard….

Countryside chicken, fried countryside vegetable and original fried potato chips (not those we bought from supermarket)