Coming Soon !! – Astro Boy Wind-Up Tin Toy

2009 Astroboy A1 _350x600

GOOD NEWS! We are happy to announce to every Astro Boy Fans that we are lucky to get the Astro Boy license this year and produce the Astro Boy (Movie version Tin Toy. It should be out by November and hope the Astro Boy Fans will like it. The price is not fixed yet but is affordable, so not to worry. In Singapore, this toy will be on sale at TANG’S STUDIO (VIVO CITY only) and Museum of Shanghai Toys, Singapore. For other countries and cities like Europe, Australia, USA, Hong Kong, Japan..etc, we are still under discussing and will inform soon.

Atom Tin Walker B1_351x600

According to this new Astro Boy movie, we create 2 versions for this toy. One with jacket and one without jacket. Do let us know which version you like. πŸ™‚

Atom Tin Walker B2_314x600

Visiting a Ping Pong Factory – August 2009


This is my first time visiting a Ping Pong Ball Factory and it is a amazing journey. As we know, ping pong ball is made of celluloid and celluloid was invented around 1850s, is one of the main material for toy making in pre war period. Although we have more than 100 types of China made celluloid toys in our museum collection, but never have any chance to visit celluloid factory. So for this time, I am just like a kid to walk around…


Celluloid sheets.


As I have an idea to reproduce vintage celluloid mickey mouse toys again, so I find a chance to speak to the owner of the factory this morning about my thoughts. But he said it’s quite difficult and almost not possible to produce a celluloid toy today. First of all, is because of the mouldings, secondly is because of the technique, thirdly…. is….quantity. He is asking me what is the quantity I am going to order….10,000 or 20,000 pieces…WOW!! 😦











Tin Toy Club / 3-6 July 2009

P6250057 640X480

After one year’s preparation, the first TIN TOY CLUB ( was set up in Shanghai in July. In order to let more young generation knowing our club, we co-operated with the organiser of CHINA FANTASY 2009 ( A Comic and Game Convention ) to set up a small booth there from 3-6 July this year.

P6250056 640X480

P6250071 640X480

The China Fantasy 2009 attracted over 20,000 visitors every day.

P6250072 640X480

P6240055 640X480

Out staff are trying very hard to promote our products.

P6250062 640X480

P6250059 640X480

P6250066 640X480

New products are on their way…

P6250067 640X480

TIN TOY CLUB is a tin toy collectors’ club which orgainised by MARXU INTERNATIONAL LTD. It’s not only promoting new tin toy products, but also pushing the art of tin toy to more young generations in China.

P6250068 640X480

P6250075 640X480

P6250076 640X480

P6250080 640X480

After a friendly recommendation by our staff, this guy is buying 6 pieces of tin toys.

P6250086 640X480

P6250099 640X480

P6260111 640X480

P6260116 640X480

Hello, girl, u know what’s inside? πŸ™‚

P6260122 640X480

Hi, would you like to join as a tin toy club member? We now have promotion…

P6270136 640X480

P6270146 640X480,

CCTV Interview on History of China Made Toys / 10 June 2009

P6010012 800x600

CCTV will be launching a new programme about Transport in the past, Lifestyle in the past, Childhood in the past…etc to celebrate the 1st Oct, The China National Day this year. And I am one the interviewees who talked about the past and the history of Chinese toys. The morning interview took about 4 hours, after interviewing me in my Shanghai office, I brought them to my tin toy factory and continuing the interview until 5pm.

P6010015 800x600

Western Toys in Shanghai in 1930s

P5170080 800x600

Have bought few nice pictures recently. Three pictures show Chinese kids carried Teddy Bear and another large picture ( about A2 size ) shows a lady carried an American Doll. These three pictures help me to understand what kind of western toys exported to Shanghai during 1930s to 40s.

P5170082 800x600

My Toy Factory – New Project 2009


SPACE PATROL CAR was manufactured by NOMURA in Japan during the 60s in the last century. We have received an order to make this fantastic battery operated toy car and Mr Wang is working on this project now.


Anyone can tell me which one is the original, and which one is the prototype?


I think Mr Wang also confused which one is the original… haha! πŸ™‚

Toy Exhibition at Shanghai / Nov 2008 – Day 36


Peter and Thomas come to Shanghai during my exhibition. They are the founder of Premium ClassiXXs GmbH, who own a famous toy car brand – BUB ( BUB is a toy company in Germany since 1851, ). We know each other through a business relationship. We are helping them to produce a wind-up Tin Toy Car at this moment and the toy car should be ready by this year.

Toy Exhibition at Shanghai / Nov 2008 – Day 35 Interview by AsiaTV News


HK Asia TV is here today to interview me. They are surprised that my museum is in Singapore as when they are in Singapore last year, STB (Singapore Tourist Promotion Board) never introduced our museum to them. But the crew and the reporter said they will visit Museum of Shanghai Toys in their next trip to Singapore. Wow…… πŸ™‚









Toy Exhibition at Shanghai / Nov 2008 – Day 5 Opening Day


Today, 25 Oct 2008, is the 1st day of the exhibition. Although the visitors are not as many as last year when I had my exhibition in HK in the 1st day, but I am still really happy and excited.














Outside the exhibition hall, there is a small toy shop which allows visitors to purchase their childhood memories – TIN TOY. πŸ™‚









In fact, the most interesting part for this exhibition is not our museum collection, it should be our punching machine :-). In order to attract the eyeballs from our visitors, either adults or kids, we bring along our small punching machine from my toy factory to the exhibition and demonstrate how toy workers assemble tin toys. Many kids would like to find out what’s that and they even have a chance to use their small legs to press the punching machine. Haha!



Toy Exhibition at Shanghai / Nov 2008 – Day 4 Interview


An English channel programme, CITY FINDER is interested to find out more abot the history and background of Shanghai made toy…