Coming Soon !! – Astro Boy Wind-Up Tin Toy

2009 Astroboy A1 _350x600

GOOD NEWS! We are happy to announce to every Astro Boy Fans that we are lucky to get the Astro Boy license this year and produce the Astro Boy (Movie version Tin Toy. It should be out by November and hope the Astro Boy Fans will like it. The price is not fixed yet but is affordable, so not to worry. In Singapore, this toy will be on sale at TANG’S STUDIO (VIVO CITY only) and Museum of Shanghai Toys, Singapore. For other countries and cities like Europe, Australia, USA, Hong Kong, Japan..etc, we are still under discussing and will inform soon.

Atom Tin Walker B1_351x600

According to this new Astro Boy movie, we create 2 versions for this toy. One with jacket and one without jacket. Do let us know which version you like. 🙂

Atom Tin Walker B2_314x600



  1. I like the jacket version, making him look smarter & more polite.

  2. i like the first one!

    will def buy it once its out =)

  3. pls email me where i can buy these two versions. i can order it and pay thru western union.. pls email me details where i can buy these. ill buy six. three of each design. thanks. my email is

  4. Billiken did several versions of Astro Boy that resemble the first version, so if you plan to do only one PLEASE make it the more unique-looking one in the jacket. Thank you!

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