Tin Toy Club / 3-6 July 2009

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After one year’s preparation, the first TIN TOY CLUB (www.tintoyclub.com) was set up in Shanghai in July. In order to let more young generation knowing our club, we co-operated with the organiser of CHINA FANTASY 2009 ( A Comic and Game Convention ) to set up a small booth there from 3-6 July this year.

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The China Fantasy 2009 attracted over 20,000 visitors every day.

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Out staff are trying very hard to promote our products.

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New products are on their way…

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TIN TOY CLUB is a tin toy collectors’ club which orgainised by MARXU INTERNATIONAL LTD. It’s not only promoting new tin toy products, but also pushing the art of tin toy to more young generations in China.

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After a friendly recommendation by our staff, this guy is buying 6 pieces of tin toys.

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Hello, girl, u know what’s inside? 🙂

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Hi, would you like to join as a tin toy club member? We now have promotion…

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SHANGHAI TRIP – TOY DESIGNER HUNTING 14-27 January 2008 (Part 1)

This is my 1st journey to Shanghai in 2008. Again, this is also my another fruitful trip as I finally found out who is the toy designer and the box artist behind the SPACE TANK, one of the popular toy in USA and the only robot toy made in China in 60s. 🙂


This is the SPACE TANK which was designed in 1964, by who???


He is the designer from Shanghai No.1 Toy factory who designed the above toy tank. His name is Wu Jun and was born in 1933.


He is the packaging designer for the above toy tank and he’s from Shanghai No.1 Toy factory too. His name is Xie Ge and was born in 1946.


Mr Xie’s working pass of Shanghai No.1 Toy Factory in 1988.


This is another toy which designed by Mr Wu, this toy is using back the same body of the SPACE TANK.