SHANGHAI TRIP – TOY DESIGNER HUNTING 14-27 January 2008 (Part 2)

For the past 18 years, although I collected toys made in China, but however I were more concentrated in tin toys and all my “OLD” toy designer friends 🙂 are from tin toy factory. So I were luckily knowing an old man in this trip who was from another Wooden Toy Factory – Shanghai No.8 Toy Factory. (Shanghai No.8 Factory was named Shangahi Da Hua Toy Factory in 40s)

“P.S. The 1st wooden toy designer who I met last year Sept was from Shanghai No.9 Toy Factory, readers can visit my previous page of my museum blog.”


The 3 wooden toys above in my book were designed by the below old man. His name is Yuen Wen Hui, was born in 1926.