Newspaper: Appointed MARK LEE as a MUSEUM AMBASSADOR is a WRONG MOVE???


Have read the article from Shin Min Daily News yesterday, realised that about 80% of Singaporeans don’t think Mark Lee is a suitable person to be a MUSEUM AMBASSADOR. Frankly speaking, I don’t feel suprised as the image of Mark is not that “High Class” to most of the Singaporeans.

But as a director of a museum, I always feel that MUSEUM is not a place only for “High Class” people although museum sounds like very “High Class”. The function of museums is not only helping our society to preserve the history and store collections, it’s a place which can let the visitors knowing more about the society, culture, history of one country. So it’s for you and me, either we are rich or poor, healthy or disabled, high class or Ah Beng…

Have ever read 2 sentenses from a blog which I liked a lot:


So, it’s a really SMART way for NHB to appoint Mark Lee to be a MUSEUM AMBASSADOR. It’s a RIGHT MOVE and I strongly believe through an interesting introuction by Mark Lee, more Singaporeans will feel museum is a friendly place, want to know more about it and even willing to step into any museum when they are in Singapore or abroad.

I don’t know Mark personally, but still want to say MARK, 加油! 🙂

I know you will do a GOOD JOB. 🙂


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  1. Hi Marvin, I’ve featured your post in The Singapore Daily []. Keep blogging!

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