SHANGHAI TRIP – 13th Day – 19 Sept 2007


The filming for the Shanghai part was finished yesterday. The next step will be going to Singapore to continue the story of how I build up my dream to set up the world 1st Shanghai Toy Museum – Museum of Shanghai Toys. The shooting date will be in December.

I have already stayed in Shanghai for 13 days. What I felt this trip is not only the most meaningful trip, but also the most fruitful trip for me and my museum. Through the deep conversation with the interviewees, I learned plenty of things from them. Their childhood, their stories, their experience and especially how they face the difficult situation during the Cultural Revolution, these all give me a very positive lesson which let me understand all the difficult situation I face now is nothing.

Museum of Shanghai Toys decide giving a TROPHY to all the designers who worked very hard for the Shanghai Toy Industry. Without them, the Shanghai Toys Industry won’t be so fantastic.

The 1st TROPHY is giving to Mr Zhu, hs’s working as a wooden toy designer from 1957. So this year is a 50th ANNIVERSARY for him.


Mr Zhu is signing his name on his favourite design.