SHANGHAI TRIP – 8th Day – 14 Sept 2007


As we need to interview few persons for today, so the filming schedule is pretty “tide” plus today is a rainny day, so Michael explains to us that we need to rush from 1 location to another location. Our 1st location is a tin toy factory, we need to take about a hour to reach there from Shanghai town central.




Michael is preparing the camera.


Hello, Jean. Would you please to say something???

About 50 minutes, we have arrived the tin toy factory. the manager was welcoming us at the entrance of the toy factory.


After some introduction, the manager brought us to his showroom. Michael, Jean and Cynthia were so happy and Michael even wanted to buy all the toys if possible.




This toy was specially designed for the toy factory by me last year, but because of the production schedule, need to delay for production again until next year.


I was explaining to Jean that the concept behind this toy and how did I design this toy.



Mr Wong is the spirit of the BADMINTON ROBOT TIN TOY. He is not only a good TOY ENGINEER, but also the specialist in making tin toy prototype. Without him, the prototype won’t come out so nice and perfect.


Beside the BADMINTON ROBOT W/U TIN TOY, I was designing quiet a numbers of toy packaging for this toy factory, one of the BEST SELLER is MS430 PLANET ROBOT. Michael and the manager are proud of my design.


We start to interview our 1st interviewee today. He is the manager of the toy factory.


After the interview, we started to visit different department of the toy factory. First of all is the MOULDING DEPARTMENT. This old man is a MASTER of MOULD MAKER. He is in the Chinese Toy Industry since 1950s and worked for Shanghai Toy No.5 Factory in mid. 1950s.


We are going to visit the 2nd department – PRODUCTION DEPARTMENT.




This is the 3rd department which we went to visit – ASSMEBLLY DEPARTMENT.





As our tide filming schedule, we were rushing to our next stop after our filming at this tin toy factory. Michael was happy that the manager gave him this marvellous SMOKING SPACEMAN TIN TOY as a gift.


Our next stop is looking for another DOOR OF HOPE RECEIVING HOME which located at NU ZHUANG ROAD. And as uaual, nobody knows that there’s a RECEIVING HOME in 40s as most of the residents who stay in this area were moved in from other districts in 80s. They suggested us to ask advise from NU ZHUANG RESIDENTIAL COMMITTEE CENTRE.




But however, the residential committee is not willing to help us (I DON’T REALLY UNDERSTAND THEIR THOUGHTS, it’s RIDICULOUS to me!) and advise us to look for the nearby POLICE STATION, ask the police officer sends them an official letter about our situation and what kind of help we need them to provide, and they will consider after their meeting. So, I told Jean and Cynthia, let us FORGET IT! 😦


We went straight to look for a WOODEN TOY FACTORY named WEI SOON KEE TOY FACTORY nearby which established in 30s when we stepped out from the Committee Centre.




This is the exact location where the toy factory is.



During our filming, an old man stood beside us, suddenly asked me whether we are looking for a toy factory? WOW!! I am so suprised and asked him how did he know. He told us he stayed in this lane when he was 6 years old and he is 82 years old today. He knew the son of the boss very well as they played together when they were young.

WOW, I can’t believe we are so lucky and immediately invited him to have a coffee with us. Hope he can share more things with us.


Mr Gu was sharing his story with us.



Mr Gu told Jean that he can speak English when he was young as he graduated from YMCA. He can’t speak now but still can understand some simple English.


We are rushing to our next location after the SURPRISING ADVENTURE with Mr Gu. This old lady is our last interviewee for today. She is Mrs Sun, 82 years old and worked as a worker for SHANGHAI TOY No.8 FACTORY (Formerly named DA HWA TOY FACTORY in 1950s) in late 1950s.


Mrs Sun is sharing her stories at Shanghai Toys No.8 Factory with us.


After the interview, Mrs Sun told us her daughter Miss Sun also worked at Shanghai Toys No.8 Factory when she retired in late 1970s. Her daughter was replaced her position and worked at the canteen. This is the working pass of the No.8 Toy Factory, Miss Sun dontaed her working pass to Museum of Shanghai Toys.


Miss Sun also donated one set of the food utensils which used at the canteen of the No.8 To Factory to Museum of Shanghai Toys. Thank you! Miss Sun.



  1. It’s nice to see good designs, making the world more beautiful! And appreciate the hard work the designers had done.

  2. Just fantastic. I have wanted to see inside the Ha Ha factory for some time now, thank you for the pictures and stories! I love your Badmiton smoking robot toy. I would love to add one to the RobotHut Museum . So please let us all know when the toy will be avalible.
    JR owner of Robot Hut Museum USA

  3. Great pictures,I was planing to take a trip to Shanghai ,I was looking for info for the Ha Ha Toy Factory online and was unable to find any info of a web page or contact info so I might be able to scheduel a tour of factory,do you have any info you can provide?Thanks.
    Best Regards

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