SHANGHAI TRIP – 6th Day – 12th Sept 2007


Mr Wang is the 1st person we interview today. He is the director of Shanghai Toys No.2 Toy Factory in the 70s. We reached his home at about 11:30am and finished shooting at about 4:30pm. Mr Wang is 70 years old plus, although he was not in the toy design department, but he has lots of experience in the factory management. He also shares with us lots of things during the Cultural Revolution.


As it took us 5 hours to finish the 1st interview, THAT’S OUT OF OUR IMAGINATION, so we need to rush to our 2nd interviewee and try to finish it before sunset at about 5:45pm.




He’s our 2nd interviewee today. He is Mr Zhang, a toy designer at Shanghai Toys No.2 Factory since the 60s. He designed quite a number of good toys like B/O JET PLANE, B/O FROG, etc.


These are the toys designed by Mr Zhang.


This is a prototype won him a DESIGN AWARD, but
unfortunately this toy was never produced because of the production cost.


Before Mr Zhang joined the toy factory, he had studied in the China Air Force.