SHANGHAI TRIP – 2nd Day – 8 Sept 2007

Today is my 2nd day at Shanghai.

It’s about 9:45am now. I am having my breakfast in this restaurant.
Not really delicious, but quite cheap. 1 big bowl of noodle only cost me RMB8.00 (about S$1.62)


This is the counter.


My breakfast. πŸ™‚


After my breakfast, I am going for a treasure hunting. Hope I have some luck today. This is the place where you can look for some vintage
items. But I can say more than 50% of “so called” antiques are REPRODUCTION. πŸ™‚

This place named “OLD SHANGHAI STREET”. Quite FUN. Come and visit it if you have a chance to visit Shanghai.


My friend is trying very hard to push her sales. πŸ™‚


These are the toys which I found at the flea market. Nothing special.
But better than none. πŸ™‚

The 1st item is a TV design piggy bank. It is quite a common toy in the market, but the picture inside the TV is
quite RARE. Made of plastic. Circa 1960s.


The 2nd item which I bought is a little candy container. About 4 inches high. Made of bamboo. Circa 50s or may be earlier.


The 3rd piece is a tin sand pail. Circa 1950s.


Here is another shop which selling items from Cultural Revolution
period. If you like Cultural Revolution items, you can try this shop.
But remember to bargain. πŸ™‚ Ya, one more thing, the price at his shop
is not CHEAP…



Beside the flea market, if anyone like to see traditional chinese buildings, here they are.



Around this area, remember to visit the above candy shop – SHANGHAI
PEAR SYRUP CUBE STORE. This candy shop started as early as 1855. It is



After finishing my treasure hunting, is going to have my 2nd dinner at Shanghai. Tonight is a VERY special night as I am having the dinner with 2 special guests from USA. Both of them are from UFDC (United Federal Doll Club). One of them is a regional director of the club.
Their name are Jean (in blue dress) and Cynthia (in brown dress). Jean is playing an important part in my documentary film.

The story is about 3 people from different culture and background, but is trying to find out something special in their life from this trip.

Myself – A Hong Kong born Singapore P.R., was born in 60s. Played Tin Toy Robot, Batman Car, Six Million Dollars Man Figure, Star War Toys when young. Why I choose to collect China made toys? What do I hope to get from this trip?

Jean – An American from New York, was born in 40s. This’s her 1st time to visit China. She read a book about a lady who worked at Door of Hope when young and suprised that there is such a beautiful city called Shanghai. She starts to love the Chinese Culture. And she started to collect and doing research on DOH dolls when she joined UFDC. What can she get from this trip?


We are going to Xin Tien Di after our dinner.



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    > Did you complete your documentary?
    > I have been wanting to wrtite since I returned home and time just gets =
    > away from me.
    > My new grandbabies have been born, twins, a boy and a girl. They are =
    > doing well.
    > Please tell your wife I send her my regards!

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