Dear visitors,

I will be away to Shanghai from 7 – 26 September for filming a documentary about the toy history and the the story behind the toy designers. These toy designers were worked for the toy factories more than 40 years, and some of them are even 70 years old. We will also look for some old women who worked for Door of Hope Mission in the 30s, hope to find out more stories from their mouth.

This is a very meaningful trip and also a further step after my second book published few months ago.

I will “TRY: 🙂 to upload the pictures on the blog everyday and let you all knowing what I am doing in this Shanghai trip.

(The documentary hopfully can be ready by March 2008, and the visitors can see the show at 3rd floor of MoST next year)

Thank you. 🙂



  1. It’s a great job! But don’t let us wait too long to know who is the “Big buyer”.
    Wishing you a successful trip!

  2. Looking forward to your documentary. Pic of the Old Town Shanghai are great. Just came back from there myself. Didn’t take any pictures- so glad you did, ha ha

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