My Toy Collection Road – Episode 2



(Continue from My Toy Collection Road – Episode 1) ….I can’t contain the growth of a dream to expand my toy collection after I bought the 50s Japan made tin toy typewriter from Ah Choon, I went crazy about it. I went to visit Ah Choon’s antique shop almost every week and I even visited his shop everyday sometimes.

I was so suprised that Ah Choon had so many good tin toys in his shop when I visited him everytime. He always disappointed me when I wanted to purchase the old toy from him. “Sorry, I can’t sell to you as these toys were reserved for a BIG BUYER”, replied Ah Choon. This was not the 1st time which I heard about the words of BIG BUYER.


I never give up and as usual I pursuaded him to sell one of the toy cars to me. Ah Choon couldn’t stand me and finally agreed the deal after much pestering from me. 🙂

That was a 50s Germany made tin toy car, battery operated. It cost me S$70.00. Wow wow wow! This toy cost me 2 days of my salary.

The more I read about YESTERDAY OF TOYS, the more I am crazy about old toys. Then one day a wild idea suddenly surfaced, to have a museum like Mr Kitahara. When I shared this idea to my friends, they all laughed at me and said ” ARE YOU SOMETHING WRONG?” 🙂

Yes, I might be too naive to own a museum but what’s wrong to have a dream. I DON’T UNDERSTAND????

I was 25 years old at that time.

In fact, I NEVER NEVER expected to own a museum today, as DREAMs to many people is not practical but a passing whim. So, I just hope to have a so called “BIG TOY HOUSE” when I retire. But LIFE IS SPECIAL, you never believed that the TRIGGERING POINT that propelled me to my dream further was a tin toy which called POPEYE BUBBLE BLOWING ….. (to be continued)



  1. I can’t wait to check out the next episode. 🙂

  2. omg… please continue it asap.:((

  3. Alice, thanks for your kind support.

    Stop writing my story due to the heavy work load, but will try to continue soon.

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