Book Review: The Accessible Museum

The English edition

Model programs in 19 American museums offer insights as to how institutions are dealing successfully with issues of accessibility, making adjustments to policy, programs, and facilities in order to reach out to people with disabilities and older adults. This richly illustrated book with its extensive bibliography is an important resource for all museums following the landmark legislation of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
By: American Association of Museums Writer: Dianne Pilgrim

The Mandarin edition

本書十九個範例,精選自全美兩千座博物館中,最為觀眾設想、最具無障礙特色的博物館。結合六十位專業人員,從問卷、篩選、訪談、撰文、編輯、印刷,經歷三年完成。---AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF MUSEUMS美國博物館協會

To purchase it: Its available at Kinokuniya S$66.56


Event review: Ten Anniversary of The Hong Kong Handover

One of my friend, Jenny from HongKong sent me an email today regarding The Ten Anniversary of The Hong Kong Handover. Seeing this reminds me on the 25 years i have left my home country. The handover not only marks the changes of political issues, it also symbolises unity of HongKong homecoming to China mainland. A joyous occasion. A warmth event indeed.

Excursion: Del-Care Education Center