70s treasure at Sungei Road

A walk through Sungei road, you see amazing items from the past. The macdonald kids meal toy, your favourite biscuits tin and even the school shoes you wore in primary. Beside these fabulous find, its a good place to people watch at Sungei. The atmosphere is unique and cosy. The recently found lovable yellow plush toy costs only $4. It may be cheap but the memories from it is priceless.


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  1. it’s such a lovely toy!! U know, Marvin, I have seen a new one during my last trip in Ipoh, and I really want to buy it, but it costs more than $100 HK dollars, as it is new and not really look like the one I own when I was young, so I haven’t bought it. But this one, look nearly the same as that I had in the past, so it’s so surprising you could find it.
    I could remember in the olden days, all families have one in their house, aren’t they??

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