We’ve been IHT-ed!

Do check out coverage of our museum in the International Herald Tribune. We’re honoured to be featured in this prestigious publication. 😉

“Eighteen years ago, the Hong Kong-born graphic designer Marvin Chan stepped into a small toy shop in Kota Tinggi, Malaysia, and bought a few old “made in Shanghai” tin-plate toys. Little did he know that it would lead to a lifelong passion for Oriental antique toys and that he would go on to collect 3,000 of them and open the Museum of Shanghai Toys in his adopted Singapore, a one of a kind museum solely dedicated to vintage Shanghai toys from the 1910s to the 1970s.”

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  1. Great job, Marvin! Fantastic site! So proud of what you have accomplished! Will pop by MoST one of these days with the missus!

  2. thanks swftoys, appreciate your comments and look forward to see you. Thanks for linking to our blog as well.

  3. Hi all!

    It is healthy, I shall come on your site more often, thank.



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